Introducing Awakening! 

Awakening- Mind Body Soul, is a subsidiary of Beyond Healing Counseling & Wellness.This spiritual classroom and personal growth center has been a dream of mine for years. As such, it is an honor and a gift to share this dream with you. This is a sacred place for healing and for reaching one’s potential. We help individuals do this by tailoring personal sessions in a variety of healing modalities, including energy healing, reiki, sound healing, mindfulness, breath and body work, dance therapy, release and forgiveness work, fire ceremonies, card readings, and helping our clients to access their own intuition and Inner Wisdom.

We also offer interactive group classes including mindful movement, meditation, spirituality, nutrition, health and wellness, financial health and abundance, emotional release and healing, trauma recovery work, soul work, and alternative healing modalities.

Additionally, we have a spiritual book club, women’s empowerment workshops, and New and Full Moon ceremonies.

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