Crystals – Rough Vs Tumbled

Which is better? More powerful? Which should I use for what practice? Does it really matter?

We’ve gotten these questions a lot lately at the Studio, and here are our answers for you!

Instinctively, it might seem like a rough stone would be more powerful due to preserving the raw elements, essentially having a purer energy, (and you might be right!), but the form of the crystal makes no difference in the end. Both raw and polished stones will still emit all the power, energy, and healing properties, just at different frequencies.

Tumbled stones often have a more subtle or gentle energy to them that radiates outward in all directions evenly, making them ideal for someone who is sensitive to energy, or beginners just starting out with crystals. These are also ideal for carrying around on your person. Tumbled or polished stones can also protect the user from certain harmful minerals. For example, the mineral Tigers eye contains traces of asbestos, which is harmful in its raw form, but the polishing process allows for this specimen to be handled safely.

However, if stones are carved into particular shapes with specific meanings (i.e., pyramids, spheres, points, etc.), this can also heighten their power. Carved points might emit stronger, more focused vibrations as opposed to rough pieces.

Rough stones embody the raw energy of Mother Earth, and can often be beneficial for someone who is seeking an energetic breakthrough. Use raw or rough stones when cleansing and balancing chakras or the energy in a large space. One might experience stronger or more vibrations being emitted from rough stones. The more natural the stone, the more direct the transmission of energy. Use caution, some raw stones are extremely powerful and are not recommended for beginners (hint hint, moldavite)!

Crystal healers will most often be found with a mixture of both rough and tumbled stones at their disposal. As for everyone else, trust your intuition! If you feel drawn toward tumbled stones, embrace it! And if you feel a pull toward the magnetic energy of raw stones, lean in! It is important to note this attraction can vary by stone, so ask us about the sway test!