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About Us

Embark on a Spiritual Journey with Awakening- Mind Body Soul:

About Us:

  • Welcome to Awakening- Mind Body Soul, a sacred haven for healing and personal growth. As a subsidiary of Beyond Healing Counseling & Wellness, we are dedicated to facilitating transformative experiences to help individuals reach their full potential.

Our Vision:

  • At Awakening, we envision a space where individuals embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. It is our privilege to share this dream and create a nurturing environment for spiritual exploration.

Our Offerings:

Personal Sessions:

    • Experience tailored sessions in various healing modalities, including energy healing, reiki, sound healing, mindfulness, breath and body work, dance therapy, release and forgiveness work, and card readings. Our practitioners are committed to guiding you toward accessing your intuition and inner wisdom.

Group Classes:

    • Immerse yourself in interactive group classes that cover a spectrum of topics. From mindful movement, meditation, and spirituality to nutrition, health and wellness, financial abundance, emotional release and healing, trauma recovery, soul work, and alternative healing modalities—find the classes that resonate with your spiritual journey.

Special Events:

    • Join our spiritual book club to explore insightful literature. Participate in women’s empowerment workshops designed to uplift and inspire. Engage in New and Full Moon ceremonies to connect with the cycles of nature and harness lunar energies.

Booking Information:

  • Ready to embark on your spiritual odyssey? Call us at 708-549-7374 to book your sessions or inquire about our offerings. Our team is dedicated to supporting you on your path to healing and self-discovery.

Awakening- Mind Body Soul: Where Healing and Potential Unite.