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Crystal Healing Studio

The Crystal Healing Studio

… is an upscale retail business that specializes in unique gifts of nature and healing crystals. It is a place for you to explore your love for nature and your spiritual side. We are here to welcome you into a sacred space where you can explore ways to understand and heal your emotions, mind, body, and soul through natural and alternative healing as well as deepen your knowledge of crystals and your own healing abilities. Stop by to enjoy a conversation, explore our healing store, and try our classes and workshops.

Our store has over 300 different minerals in rough or polished form.

Our shelves are lined with many types of crystals, geodes, agates, fossils and natural stone jewelry, pendulums, and wooden gifts. We also carry a wide variety of other products such as sage and Palos Santos sticks and sprays, aroma therapy, candles, incense, oils, journals, spiritual and healing books, tarot and oracle cards, specialized gifts, and more!

We like to work with female business owners from around the world and do our best to purchase items that are mined and manufactured under humane environments.

Our Locations

Homer Glen Location

Orland Park Crossing

Burr Ridge Location

How do you know which stone/crystal to pick?

1. Intuitively look around the store and see which stone you are drawn to, which stone picks you! Then you can read the card about that stone and see how it ties into your life and your healing journey.

2. Be aware of what healing qualities you are seeking and a customer service representative will be more than happy to direct you to a stone with those qualities.

Our Treasures

All of our products are natural and healing in nature. We provide cards with information about each stone and the various ways in which they can promote healing. Our treasures include: healing stones, healing crystals, jewelry with natural stones, water bottles with crystal points, candles, incense, sage smudging sticks, Palos Santos for cleansing, journals, spiritual books, wooden and stone gifts.