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Working with your Intentions

Just as the right and left sides of the brain serve different functions, the right and left sides of the body serve different functions energetically.

Your left side

The left side of your body is the receptive and sensitive side, and is responsible for dealing with your internal states. Energy is received in from the outside world through this side of the body. This is also the side that is open and allows you to make positive changes or shifts in your life to best benefit you emotionally. This is where you should wear or hold stones you wish to receive the powers from: Amethyst for calm, Citrine for prosperity and confidence, Jasper for grounding, etc.

Your right side

The right side of your body is the action-oriented, “do-er” side. This is all about how you send your energy back out into the universe. When you wear or hold stones on your right, they aid in the energy you put into your outside environment.

Below is a simple energetic practice you can use with your stones if you ever feel drained, we recommend crystal powerhouses Amethyst and Quartz for this practice. If your stones have a definitive point, position the points to travel with the flow of the energy. Hold your stones, close your eyes, and breathe deeply as you recharge yourself.