Working With Your Intentions

Harmonizing Energies: Balancing Left & Right

Understanding Energetic Dynamics:

  • Similar to the distinct functions of the right and left sides of the brain, the right and left sides of your body play specific roles energetically. Embrace the harmonious interplay between the receptive left side and the action-oriented right side to create a balanced energy flow within.

Left Side Receptivity:

  • Your left side serves as the portal for receiving energies from the external world. It is the sensitive and receptive aspect responsible for managing your internal states. To amplify the reception of specific energies, consider wearing or holding stones on your left side. Tailor your selection to your intentions: Amethyst for calm, Citrine for prosperity and confidence, Jasper for grounding, and more.

Right Side Activation:

  • The right side is the dynamic, action-oriented facet that channels your energy outward. It embodies the “do-er” aspect, directing your intentions and contributions into the external environment. When wearing or holding stones on your right side, they complement and enhance the energy you project into the universe.

Energetic Recharge Practice:

  1. Choose Crystal Powerhouses:
    • Select potent stones like Amethyst and Quartz for this practice. If your stones have distinct points, align them to follow the natural flow of energy.
  2. Hold, Breathe, Recharge:
    • Hold the chosen stones, close your eyes, and embark on deep, intentional breaths. Center your focus on the energetic exchange between the crystals and your body.
  3. Flow with Energy:
    • Allow the energy to circulate harmoniously. Visualize the flow of energy from the stones, creating a revitalizing cycle that nourishes and recharges your entire being.
  4. Intentional Alignment:
    • Set intentions for balance, clarity, and vitality. Envision the left and right sides of your body working synergistically, fostering a state of equilibrium.

Empower Your Energies:

  • Elevate your daily practices by integrating the harmonizing power of crystals. Embrace the dance between left and right energies, creating a balanced and empowered existence. Explore our collection of crystals designed to support your unique energetic journey.**