It’s crystal clear why Clear Quartz is one of our favorites…

One of the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystals that also helps to absorb, store, and regulate energy. This stone cleanses on a soul level and aids in attuning you to your spiritual purpose while bringing in balance. Clear Quartz is great for beginners, or someone looking to manifest goals but not knowing how or what specifically, because it brings clarity and guidance. Clear Quartz also harmonizes all of the Chakras to bring your energy to full balance. Physically, this stone stimulates the immune system, aids in concentration and memory, and soothes burns.

Use Clear Quartz clusters or candle holders (hack, these can be used to hold sage during smudging, too!) to cleanse the energy in any given space. Wear Clear Quartz on your left side to invite in the harmonizing, healing, and clarity properties; or on your right side to amplify your strengths and gift these energies back out to the universe around you. Wear a Clear Quartz necklace to balance and cleanse your chakras, bringing you to harmony. Hold Clear Quartz points or tumbled stones when manifesting to illuminate clarity of goals, desires, and how to achieve them; when working with other stones to amplify their energy; or when meditating to gain attunement and clear presence. Stay fashionably hydrated while absorbing all of the powerful healing properties of our Clear Quartz Water Bottles, pick up yours today!