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February Crystal of the Month

For the month of February, our chosen crystal is none other than Amethyst! Not only is Amethyst the birthstone of this month, but we figured everyone could use a little calm right now.

Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the world. The name comes from the Ancient Greek, derived from the word methustos, which means “intoxicated.” Ancient wearers believed the gemstone could help protect them from drunkenness. While that may be true, this popular stone is now highly recommended as a stress reliever and psychic protector.

Amethyst is an extremely powerful, protective stone that also has a high spiritual vibration. It is known for calming the mind and promoting relaxation while also blocking stress and negative energies. When used during meditation, it can enhance a higher state of consciousness and a deeper relaxation. Amethyst also transmutes any negative energy toward the receiver into love. It can also alleviate sadness, anxiety, anger, and grief.

This special stone can also help manifest new ideas as well as aiding in remembering and understanding your dreams. Use Amethyst in your visualization practice to clearly see all that you desire.

Wear Amethyst in the form of jewelry to absorb the calming benefits or place it in your home or office to create an atmosphere peace and tranquility. Use the Amethyst Stress Reliever essential oil roller ball to induce a sense of peace and calm. Stop on in and see our Amethyst water bottles, these allow you to receive the peaceful properties of the stone while staying hydrated!

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