During the month of June, we are honoring the all-powerful Selenite!

Often found in Morocco, Greece, Australia, or in North America, including the United States (Oklahoma) and Mexico, naturally forming Selenite is a fibrous stone with one of the most powerful vibrations. This stone helps to purify, cleanse, and clear the aura. Using this stone to trace your body at the end of the day rids you of any energy that is not yours as well as helps to get you out of a low vibrational mindset. It has the capability to not only amplify other stones, but it also can clear and recharge them, restoring stones back to their naturally occurring vibrations.

Selenite also aids in connection with angelic consciousness for guidance while instilling deep peace. It protects the home and aids you in receiving insight and clearing any confusion. Selenite also stabilizes erratic emotions and helps to release any energetic ties to others. Physically, this stone helps align the spinal column, protects against epileptic seizures, heals the nerves, and is a great stone for nurturing a healthy attachment between mother and baby during breastfeeding.

Use a Selenite wand to cleanse and clear your aura while balancing your chakras and protecting you. Place the stone on your forehead or near the top of your head to help alleviate pain from headaches or migraines, or when you need clarity. Keep a larger Selenite tower or other piece in your home to raise positive vibrations and preserve a peaceful nature. Meditate with Selenite to increase your awareness and deepen your practice. Pair Selenite with your other stones to amplify your intentions. Use the Selenite Bowl to recharge all of your stones and jewelry when you’re not working with them!