March Crystal of The Month

This month, we are celebrating the all-powerful Citrine! Who said March was only lucky for some people?

Naturally forming Citrine has been found all around the world, though it’s very rare today. Discoveries have been made in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere. Today, most Citrine is mined from Brazil and Uruguay.

Citrine helps in the manifestation of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Use Citrine in your visualization practice to amplify all that you desire.

This stone is said to embody the powers of the sun: warming, energizing, and highly creative. Beneficial for increasing self-esteem and confidence, Citrine also promotes joy and happiness through its vibrant yellow-orange hues. It also increases one’s creativity and ability to share while simultaneously activating the solar plexus chakra and one’s intuition.

Wear Citrine in the form of jewelry to absorb the energizing and maximizing benefits or place it in your home or office to create an atmosphere abundance and prosperity.