For the month of May, we are honoring the Taurean Nature with a powerful grounding stone: Agate!

Agates are beneficial stones for bringing emotional, physical, and intellectual balance while stabilizing physical energy. The banding or swirls of color within each represents the yin yang, positive and negative, or highs and lows or life. Agates incite harmony and encourages you to accept yourself while building confidence. They are great stones for speaking your truth and overcoming negativity or heartbreak while providing a grounding sense of security. This protective stone helps you to receive love instead of pushing it away. This stone helps people wanting to quit smoking, and heals the eyes, stomach, uterus, lymphatic system, digestive system, and pancreas. Agate also helps to heal acne.

Agates come in all different shapes, sizes, and even types! For example, Flower Agate reminds you to embrace the happiness of the here and now, whereas Fire Agate embodies a protective nature while deflecting negative energy.

Place an Agate in a living room or bedroom to create a sense of grounded tranquility, you can even use Agate slices as bookends! Hold this stone while meditating to ground yourself in the here and now and to embrace things as they come. Wear an Agate necklace or bracelet (on your left) to embody the peaceful and protective energy, or wear a bracelet on your right to give that calm, grounded nature to someone else!